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Temperature Alert Agent

  • Create an agent that alerts users when the temperature in their chosen location falls outside their preferred range. Perfect for weather enthusiasts and travelers!

  • Connects to a free weather API to fetch real-time temperatures for the specified location.

  • Lets users set their preferred temperature range (e.g., a minimum and maximum temperature) and location.

  • Sends an alert/notification to the user when the current temperature in their chosen location goes below the minimum or above the maximum threshold they've set.

Currency Exchange Monitor & Alert Agent

  • Build an agent that keeps an eye on currency exchange rates and notifies users whenrates cross their specified thresholds. Great for traders and globetrotters!

  • Allows users to select their base currency and one or more foreign currencies they wish to monitor

  • Connects to a currency exchange API to fetch real-time exchange rates. Let users set thresholds for alerts (e.g., notify me if 1 USD becomes more than 0.85 EUR or less than 0.80 EUR).

  • Sends an alert/notification to the user when the exchange rate crosses the thresholds they've set

Daily News Agent

  • Develop an agent that curates the top headlines of the day and delivers them in a user friendly format. Tailor it to cater to different news categories, ensuring users stay informed on their areas of interest.

  • Connects to a news API to fetch the day's top headlines.

  • Filters and selects the three most significant news stories. Presents these stories to the user every morning in a concise and readable format.

  • Considerations: Think about how users might want to customize the categories of news they're most interested in (e.g., world news, technology, sports).

Local Event Notifier Agent

  • Craft an agent that keeps users informed about upcoming local events based on their preferences. Ideal for social butterflies and culture aficionados!

  • Connects to a reliable event listing API or website to fetch upcoming local events. Allows users to set their location.

  • Filters events based on user preferences like event categories (e.g., music, arts). Sends notifications about these events at user-defined intervals (e.g., daily, weekly). Provides a quick overview of the event details when notified, such as venue, time, and date.


First Place

₹ 10000


Second Place

₹ 6000


Third Place

₹ 4000


All winners will receive official recognition, certificates, and the opportunity to showcase their winning uAgent to the Fetch.ai community!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a virtual hackathon, so you can create hacks from the comfort of your home, or anywhere in the world.

Register by clicking here and fill out the form before the registration deadline.

Yes, you can work on multiple uAgents, but each uAgent must be a separate submission.

Yes, you can use external APIs to enhance your uAgent's functionality.

You can participate individually or as a team (up to 2 members).

No, you can start from scratch. Check out the provided resources for guidance.

Winners will be announced on 22nd September through our official channels


Participants must use the Fetch.ai uAgent library for core functionalities

You can participate individually or as a team (up to 2 members)

The code must be original and created during the hackathon

Submissions must include clear documentation and a demo video.

AI-generated content will not be accepted.


Rishank Jhavar

Rishank Jhavar

Developer Advocate @Fetch.ai

Chirag Maliwal

Chirag Maliwal

Sr. SDE @Indépendant


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